Jan 232015

Small and mid-sized businesses make up the fabric of America! Millions of people are employed by them, hundreds of thousands of people own them. Sign Art Etc. is considered a small business, but we are growing. Through hard work and the dedication of our talented staff, we continue to have increasing sales even with a […]

Feb 152014

So, you have purchased your own special step and repeat backdrop….maybe a red carpet also….it is setup and looks great. So how do you make the most of this setting? First you need to decide the best place to set up your banner.  Your will also need to consider the  proper lighting.  If you are […]

Sep 132012
Banner Advertising in Night Clubs and Bars

The best activity to make your presence be felt by others is creating and attending events. However, the presence has to be noticeable enough to make it effective. Nevertheless, a huge target market drives to night clubs every night. This gives business an opportunity to advertise their product to them in order to add them […]

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