Sep 242010
Printing Full Color Banners on Vinyl

Most of us know what a “banner” is — not the kind used in web pages — but the kind used as signs on the sides of buildings, on fences, or across the stage at conferences. Roughly speaking, a banner is a large flexible sign or poster made of a durable material that can be […]

Jul 072010

Vinyl banner design is about as easy as it gets for the non-professional graphic designer. Anybody with a little bit of experience can design one. Using a bit of imagination can make a world of difference. And even if you have no experience, your supplier can point you in the right direction, or even design your […]

Jul 062010

Four Design Tips For Effective Banner Marketing By its very nature, a vinyl banner is meant to be like a big flexible poster or billboard. That makes it a piece of advertising, so all the rules and techniques that apply to advertising design should apply to the banner as well. Rookie Banner Design Mistakes In the […]

Jun 302010
10 Vinyl Banner Design Tips For Advertising

Vinyl Banners are a simple cost effective way to promote your business. 1. What will your banner be used for? Banner advertising is very versatile and can be used inside, such as in shops, offices or museums; outside shops, restaurants and on buildings; for exhibitions and trade shows and at sporting events and concerts. Outside […]

Jun 262010

Bulletin boards are a good venue to post church news, announcements, reports and updates. But not all people read bulletin boards. They may be cluttered and contain a lot of old news mixed in with the news. Sometimes, important notices are overlooked or don’t get the attention they need. When you have to announce something […]

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