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When you and your partner have just about had it with wedding planning, pour yourself a glass of wine and consult these suggestions that are just crazy enough to consider.

Is your fall wedding approaching? Let’s be real for a second: Virtually every wedding plan hits a wall in the march up to the big day. Decision-making burnout happens to the best of us. One Zola survey found 7 out of 10 engaged or newlywed couples believed that planning a wedding was way more stressful than things like buying a home or finding a job.

When you and your partner have just about had it with the planning, pour yourself a glass of wine and consult these ideas that are just crazy enough to consider:


Wedding invitations are usually one of the first things couples hash out, which means they can instigate the first headache-inducing planning problems.

But instead of prowling the internet to covet someone else’s super fancy invitations – close the Pinterest tab right now – you should create a makeshift invitation prototype:

  • Cardstock: Go to your local stationary shop and pick out no more than five pieces of cardstock.
  • Typeface: Search for a typeface browsing website and print out 10 favorites using your names as the sample text.
  • Colors: Each of you picks one color from the primary or secondary color wheel, then hunt down a color palette that includes shades of both. That’s if you don’t already know your wedding colors, of course.

Spend an afternoon rotating between different combinations until your adult arts and crafts project pays off with a few strong contenders.

It's a jungle out there, so don't limit yourselves to flowers only.It’s a jungle out there, so don’t limit yourselves to flowers only.


Couples can spend hours ruminating over the bouquet, but completely overlook centerpieces and supplementary floral decorations. These are deceptively difficult to decide on.

So if you’re tired of pestering your local florist about the same 10 flower breeds, why not go full-on flora and open your search up to include succulents, ferns, reclaimed wood, twigs from local trees and even moss. Fall weddings are all about nature anyway, right?

Wedding favors

Traditionally, remarkable wedding favors have had three basic characteristics: They’re low in cost, practical and easy to carry home after a night of partying in evening wear. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. That kind of open-endedness can leave couples panicking over mementos good enough for such a momentous occasion.

Pump the brakes and ask yourself this one question: If you polled everybody coming to your wedding and asked them to talk about what makes you two special, what would they say?

“They’re both teachers.” Then go for personalized pencils and erasers. It’s almost back-to-school season after all.

“They’re hilariously mischievous.” Then buy out a toy store of all their whoopee cushions and hand buzzers.

“They’re always there when you need them most.” Then skip the favors and donate the money you would have spent on tchotchkes to a charity.

The trick is to stop looking for the favor that perfectly embodies your undying love – never going to happen, by the way – and go for broke on something small that will have everyone saying, “Oh yeah. That’s those two in a nutshell.”

Final note: Don’t forget about a custom backdrop

Fall weddings are popular, but early sunsets and cold evenings are not kind to photographers or friends and family posing for pictures. Step and repeat banners or other custom backdrops make excellent additions to an indoor photo booth area.

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