Mar 312017
Signage can have a strong impact on fundraising efforts.

With Easter just around the corner, many people are taking an increased interest in the spirit of generosity and giving. This is good news for charities and non-profits looking to capitalize on the season. But how do you ensure that your event is a success – both in the amount of donations and the goodwill of the donors? Here are a few fundraising tips to help open those wallets a little wider.

Design Clean and Consistent Signage
So much of what makes a charity successful is tied to its credibility. If you host an event but show up with impromptu or hastily cobbled-together signage, your possible donors may question how well their money is being put to good use and whether or not their funds will reach the intended recipients. To avoid this, present a variety of clean and consistent signs, branded clearly with your organization so that there is no ambiguity about who you are and what this is a fundraiser for.

Make It A Challenge
A little competition can often bring out the best in people. Rather than having people donate a set amount, consider having a “challenge” fundraiser, where you hold an event like a marathon and donors commit a certain amount of money per meter run. Even by starting these donations at smaller increments, this can prove to generate more revenue for your cause than if you simply asked for a lump sum.

Give Donors Something To Take Home
While not everyone donates to a charity in hopes of getting something back, making sure donors receive a token of your appreciation helps in a few different ways: First, it validates their decision to donate and gives them a functional item in return for their generosity. Second, it serves as a reminder of their donation so that next year, when its time to start fundraising again, they will think back and be more likely to give again. It doesn’t need to be much – the less costly to the fundraiser, the better – but a tote bag, mug or t-shirt can be a powerful symbol of your appreciation.

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