May 182016
Themed races generate excitement and teamwork.

The Color Run, Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race… themed races are big events for serious athletes and weekend warriors alike. These events have been gaining popularity for years. According to a report from Running USA, these unique 5K competitions attract more participants than traditional races like marathons, half marathons and 10Ks. A fun race with an interesting theme can grow to become a nationwide event.

Think about the theme of your race. There are races with Spartan warrior motifs, zombie themes, musical thoughts or centered around craft beers. In addition to a name, logo and slogan, is the idea illustrated throughout the course? Think about the race setup and any obstacles that your runners will need to overcome. How can you incorporate the overall motif into every step?

“Custom backdrops can help you set your themed race apart from the competition.”

Many of these races have a team component. Friends and colleagues sign up together, train together and motivate one another during the event. After completion of the course, these teammates pose for victorious photos, usually in front of a banner. By providing step and repeat backdrops for these post-race pictures, the race organizers are not only helping participants to celebrate and enjoy their victory, but they’re also providing marketing reach for the race itself.

You can customize these to feature your race’s logo and color scheme to match your event’s branding. By developing a consistent brand identity to go along with your fun race, you can make it a more recognizable event to generate more excitement and participation. If you’re organizing your own themed race and you’d like to give it the proper atmosphere, visit Sign Art Etc. You can choose from a number of templates or our helpful staff can design a custom one that meets your vision.

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