Jan 042013

Vinyl Banners – Welded or Sewn?

Which is better, a welded hem, or a sewn hem?  At Sign Art Etc, there’s
no question in our minds: we use welded banner hems every time! 
With our Miller WeldMaster T3, our welded banner hems
offer stronger banners with a cleaner look.
Using hot wedge technology, the two surfaces of the hem are heated
to over 325° centigrade, melting the vinyl.  It is then drawn through
pressure rollers to complete the fusion process.  Because a sewn hem
creates  perforations/small holes in the fabric, banners with sewn
hems are prone to failure.  With a welded hem, the material remains
intact and is strengthened by the double layer on all edges.
Not only are welded hems stronger, but they look better, too. 
Say goodbye to clashing thread stitched through beautiful digital
“It is a big investment, but it gives us a finished product that very few 
companies  in our market can produce,” manager Jeff Ward said
about the WeldMaster.  “Producing great color on digitally printed
banners is a given these days.  Preserving the appearance and
making it 0stronger at the same time gives us a distinct market

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