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One way to make your outdoor advertising efforts successful is to choose vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are relatively easy to design and will have a big impression on the viewer if you follow some of the basic design rules. All you need to have is a little imagination and some basic design skills, and you can create a banner that inspires.

Software Matters

If you will be designing the banner on your own computer, then make sure that you choose a program that does CMYK full color output, not your average office application. This way, you can guarantee that your final product has the design that you are picturing. Most professional printers will use CMYK full color output, so if you have a specific question about the colors, you can talk to your supplier. They may even be able to send out color samples to make your decision process easier.

Keep it Simple

For some people, the larger canvas of a vinyl banner is an invitation to cram in as much information as possible. However, a simple and striking design is much more effective. Stick with two or three basic elements. Generally, these will be a photograph or graphic, a headline, and your company’s name, logo or contact information.

Be Bold

Keep in mind that these banners are designed to be viewed from a distance. Because of this, bold and bright colors are much more effective than muted colors or pastels.

Can You Read It?

Vinyl banners are often hung up high or in such a way that they must be read from a distance. Because of this, you should be careful with your font style and size. Make sure that the lettering is large enough to be read from a distance, and avoid difficult script fonts that can be hard to read.

Higher Resolution is Better

While a low resolution image may work fine on smaller items like business cards and brochures, you need a high quality, high resolution image for banners. Remember, the bigger you blow up a picture, the more obvious imperfections are. A low resolution image will look distorted and fuzzy the bigger it gets.

Consider Other Methods of Hanging

If you are going to be hanging your banner on a wall or a fence, then grommets are often the best way to go. However, pole pockets are easier to use and allow for a variety of display options. Contact your banner printer to see what styles of mounting are available and which ones will best meet your needs.

Vinyl banners can advertise your store, your event, your show, or any number of things. Creating an eye-catching design is an essential part of making these marketing endeavors more effective.

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